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October 2013

A Well Designed Motorcycle Is the Safest Kind.

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WWell Designed Custom Motorcyclehen you read up on motorcycle safety tips for drivers, do you take into consideration the fact that you may be customizing your motorcycle in the future? Some common and best practices of motorcycle safety tips for drivers may actually be affected by the customized pieces of hardware that you have put onto your motorcycle.

This is not to deter you from any motorcycle customization, by any means. It is simply to encourage you to be aware of the changes that you are making to the vehicle, and know what they can be doing to the performance and physical makeup of the machine. Being very familiar with the bike, and knowing how everything works, especially after you have made a customization, is one of the most important motorcycle safety tips for drivers.

How To Customize a Motorcycle

There are many different options for you to customize your motorcycle, but it can be broken into two general categories. You can either get a customization based on aesthetics, or one based on performance. Before you decide to do anything, whether cosmetic or functional, you should absolutely do your research first. By knowing what is going to change, and what it will do to the bike, you are making a much better, more informed decision about the modification.

Cosmetics can be as simple as a new paint job, which obviously will not affect the performance of the bike. Or it can be a new tail pipe, a new seat, or even a new set of handlebars. All of these things can look cooler, which is the desired effect, but it can also change how your weight sits on the bike or how it handles, which can change how you control it. Being aware of this ahead of time makes sure that you are not caught off guard when you are in a situation that calls for quick action, and any surprises could lead to a bad case of road rash, or worse.

When you buy motorcycle parts, whether they are off the shelf aftermarket, or custom parts for motorcycles, for the purpose of functional modification, you are actually slightly better off in terms of safety. When you are customizing performance, you know exactly what you are getting into. Even if you do not know the precise change in performance until you ride your bike a few times, you are at least aware that there will actually be a difference, and can prepare accordingly. It is not coming as a completely unexpected surprise.

Customizing your motorcycle is a fun way to make it your very own. It allows you to get the most optimal performance possible, and to make it look just the way you want. Your customizations will make it one of a kind. Just always be aware of how any of your modifications can affect performance, both mechanically and in the physical performance of the bike itself.

Want to Save Money on Gas, and Make New Friends?

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Want to Save Money on Gas, and Make New Friends?Did you know that your chances of getting in a fatal crash are dramatically more likely if you are driving a motorcycle? Motorcyclists are, in fact, up to 35 times more likely to get in fatal collisions. Even so, motorcycles remain one of the most widely used forms of transportation, with over 801,803 registered motorcycles in California alone. Why? Motorcycles can be extremely cost-effective, and many bikers credit motorcycling with bringing them together and increasing their quality of life. 

How Cost-Effective Are Motorcycles?

The Bureau of Transportation reveals that motorcycle sales are steadily climbing, and have been for the past 10 years. The reason? Motorcycles are, hands down, one of the most reasonable and inexpensive forms of transportation, and that holds true in almost all countries, or just about worldwide. Whether you own a Honda, Suzuki, or Yamaha, all brands of motorcycles are, on average, up to two times more fuel efficient than cars. Repairing and customizing motorcycles can also be very affordable, with a wide variety of unique and cheap motorcycle parts for sale online. Aftermarket motorcycle parts can even improve the performance and value of most bikes. Replacing parts can, for example, increase the speed and power of motorcycles.

Are Motorcycles Therapeutic?

Motorcyclists can easily stay safe by checking their bikes before each outing, according to the Department of Transportation, and by wearing helmets. In 2000 alone, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration revealed than an approximate 600 motorcyclists were saved by helmets. With maintenance checks and helmets, safe riding is possible, and a great deal of motorcyclists say it is therapeutic, too.

Cris Baldwin, an assistant dean at Washington University in St. Louis, describes her motorcycling experience. "It really is freeing from your day to day obligations, enjoying the moment, not thinking about bills or sending kids to college. I wouldn't trade it for anything. It's my two-wheel therapy." 

According to the Motorcycle Industry Council, Baldwin is just one of 7.2 million women motorcyclists. Motorcycle clubs and groups, such as the 232,000 member American Motorcycle Association (AMA), often offer a sense of tight-knit community. These groups get together for events, races, rides, shows, and sometimes, as in the case of the AMA, offer discounts on parts for those repairing and customizing motorcycles.

Whether you are buying your first bike, or customizing motorcycles with parts for sale online, riding a motorcycle can save on gas and overall transportation costs, and it give motorcyclists the opportunity to join a tight-knit, and often therapeutic, community.

Stay Safe, and Enjoy Lower Gas Prices, Easy Repairs, and Tight-Knit Communities

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Stay Safe, and Enjoy Lower Gas Prices, Easy Repairs, and Tight-Knit CommunitiesDid you know that you are at least 35 times times more likely to get in a fatal crash if you are driving a motorcycle, and that, in 2012, Americans registered as many as nine million motorcycles? To the astute reader, there may seem to be an alarming discrepancy between these numbers. Why would so many Americans purchase and register motorcycles if they are dangerous? 

The answer to that is simple. With the right precautions and care, driving a motorcycle can be reasonably safe. That means, with just a little extra care and vigilance, motorcyclists can enjoy lower costs, easy-to-repair and customized bikes, and a strong, lasting community. 

What Can Motorcycles Offer You?

In August 2013, a young boy battling brain cancer, Gage Driskell, asked his Dad for a motorcycle ride for his 11th birthday? Eighty Treasure Valley bikers showed up to celebrate Gage's birthday, giving him his own biker's vest and a ride to his birthday party in a sidecar. It is an ill-kept secret that motorcyclists share strong bonds, and often use them to offer each other discounts, keep one another company at shows and cross-country bike rides, and help give back to the community. 

Another plus? Motorcycles are among the most affordable forms of transportation. In fact, the average motorcycle is two times as fuel-efficient as most automobiles. Ordering custom parts for motorcycles can also be relatively easy, and cost-effective. Aftermarket motorcycle parts, including Suzuki motorcycle parts, Yamaha motorcycle parts, and Honda motorcycle parts, are available online and in stores.

What Do You Need to Know to Stay Safe?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that 49% of motorcycle collisions involve a motorcycle and at least one other vehicle. The NHTSA also reveals that, in 2000 alone, the lives of at least 631 motorcyclists were spared by bike helmets. Always wearing a helmet, checking for maintenance issues before each outing, and keeping a reasonable amount of distance in between other vehicles, can drastically reduce the likelihood of collisions.

Whatever your reasons for riding a motorcycle, whether you enjoy the community, fuel efficiency, or custom parts for motorcycles, stay safe by wearing a helmet and avoiding tail-gating.

About Your Safety on a Motorcycle?

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Motorcycles are fast becoming one of the most popular forms of transportation in the United States. According to the U.S. Bureau of Transportation, sales of motorcycles have increased steadily over the last decade.