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January 2014

Four Important Things New Motorcycle Owners Should Remember

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Four Important Things New Motorcycle Owners Should RememberThe Bureau of Transportation reports that motorcycle sales have been steadily rising for the past decade. If you're out on the highway in the middle of winter, though, you probably wouldn't be able to tell. That's because motorcycle riding is very dependent on the weather, not to mention that bikes tend to be expensive toys that owners like to keep in tip-top shape. Riding a motorcycle can be one of the most exhilarating experiences a person can have, but it's certainly not an undertaking that benefits from impulsive decisions.

Before you buy any machine, ask yourself: Why do I want this? Am I going to devote the proper time to get to know its details before I ever take it on the road? How much is customization going to cost, even including new custom helmets for motorcycles? It might help to have a checklist handy as you begin to sort through the specifics of the process:

Buy a bike you can actually ride.

One of the biggest mistakes first-time riders tend to make is investing in a piece of machinery they have no idea how to use. Think about it logically -- when you learn how to ride a bicycle, you start with training wheels, so why drop thousands on some brand new custom made motorcycles if you still have yet to master the art of riding? Pick up a cheap or used bike to learn the basics, then slowly work your way up the ladder of prestige. It only makes sense economically.

Protect your head.

This is probably the bit of advice that motorcyclists hear all the time and they're probably sick of it. Yes, only 19 states currently require strapping on a helmet before you hit the road. But the facts are staggering: A rider is 40% more likely to experience brain trauma if he or she crashes without wearing a helmet. You can check your arguments about what's "cool" at the door -- the hospital door, to be exact. Besides, you should see all the cool custom helmets for motorcycles currently on the market. You're bound to find one that captures your outsider image perfectly, so show it off instead of not wearing one at all.

Dress for success.

Part of hopping on a bike is being able to feel the air of the open road on your skin. But riding in shorts and a T-shirt, while it might seem like you're getting the most freedom you possibly can, is actually a recipe for regrettable riding. Prepare for the elements, even on a beautiful sunny day. It's no accident that cyclists throughout the world choose leather as their riding apparel of choice: it's reinforced, padded and provides more protection in case of sliding or other accidental injuries. That's one of the most important motorcycle riding safety tips to understand.

Know your bike inside and out.

If your interests lie in customizing motorcycles, you better know exactly which motorcycle parts to buy. Also, it's always easier to take things apart than to put them back together, and that goes double for motorcycle parts and accessories. Learn how to ride first; learn how to trick out your bike second. Always do plenty of research before you invest in parts, especially if they're shipping internationally. Whether it's custom helmets for motorcycles or simply a new exhaust or brake system, you can't go blindly into a new improvement.

Three Questions to Ask Before Purchasing a Motorcycle

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Three Questions to Ask Before Purchasing a MotorcycleMotorcycle sales are on the rise. The Bureau of Transportation reports that the past decade has seen a steady increase in the sales of motorbikes across the nation. That's a startling fact, given that the recession of 2008 left plenty of households without too much disposable income. Nonetheless, it would appear that motorcycles are simply an American institution.

When you purchase a motorcycle, you're really making an investment in the future of your entire riding career. That's because one bike can be transformed again and again with the help of some custom parts for motorcycles. But before you get too far into the specifics of revving up your ride, it helps to know where to start. Here are a few helpful hints when it comes to making the right motorcycle purchase.

What kind of riding is more your style?

Before you look into how to buy cycle parts online, before any custom motorcycles kits can enter the picture, you first have to understand what kind of machine you're going to be operating. So, ask yourself: What kind of bike is right for me? Traditional bikes aren't particularly flashy or fancy, but their reliable, classic design belies their real functionality. These are more for the older, retired crowds, or simply for those looking for a first-time machine. Sport bikes, on the other hand, are used more for racing, adventuring or simply just showing off in public. It's all about finding the right custom motorcycles kits for you.

Do you really know how to ride this thing?

If you do, you can start a little higher on the totem pole. Start thinking about styles, speed and any other aspect of customizing motorcycles you can think of. If you're still a novice, however, there's really no need to drop thousands of dollars on a machine you're only going to use to train on. When you gain a bit more confidence in your riding abilities, pick up some aftermarket motorcycle parts and see how a starter bike can ride with a few key adjustments down the line. That's the beauty of custom motorcycles kits.

What are you looking to spend on your bike?

This is entirely a matter of personal finance, so it's something you're just going to have to establish up front. But always establish it -- pick a reasonable number, then stick to it. Plenty of factors will come into play here (personal income, financing options), so always weigh the pros and cons of each bike before you decide to take it home with you. Of course, the most expensive bike on the lot won't do you any good if you can't ride it anymore, so invest in some custom helmets for motorcycles, too! That's one of the key riding tips a lot of bikers don't bother following. Remember: just because your state doesn't have a helmet requirement doesn't mean it's not a good idea.