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May 2014

Options for Motorcycle Parts and Customization

By none none May 14, 2014 No comments

custom motorcycles partsWith over 9 million motorcycles registered in the U.S., aftermarket motorcycle parts and accessories have become a staple in the retail environment. While technology and design advances have really changed the landscape for motorcycle dealers, you can now customize pretty much everything to suit your needs. 

These days, finding more choices for buying your next bike or custom motorcycles parts can seem difficult with so many different options. It helps to have some insight from dealers and other experts.

Motorcycle websites are an excellent source for in-depth looks at new bikes and their features, and they provide a listing of current inventory. Curious as to what others think of your potential next motorcycle? You can put it to the experts.

There are a wide variety of new and used motorcycle dealers who can field questions about all sorts of motorcycle options and amenities as you search, including options for motorcycle leases or motorcycle customizations. You can usually find plenty of bike pros who will help you navigate the new models, used bikes and repair. Be sure to get referrals from your friends and colleagues. They can also help you narrow down your selection of custom motorcycles parts.

First, if you do not have a particular bike or customization in mind, then some time on the road may help you uncover all of the features that you are interested in and provide a solid riding perspective. You can look at some of the more common features, amenities and systems that make riding fun and luxurious again. In fact, you can see a lot of the new models coming directly from the companies or dealers, including after market accessories. As new models are released and designed, you can get various riding reviews from the different makers.

Before buying your next motorcycle, do not be afraid to put it to the experts for their opinions and anecdotes. It might just help you make the best buying decision. Motorcycle expertise and opinion is so prevalent with so much diversity for the enthusiast.

What are the Different Kinds of Custom Handlebars for Motorcycles?

By none none May 5, 2014 No comments

custom handlebars for motorcyclesOne of the greatest things about owning a motorcycle is that customizing motorcycles can be fairly easy and offer you a variety of options. From adding custom chrome motorcycle parts to changing the rims or exhaust, there is almost no limit to what you can add or replace on your bike.

One popular way in which motorcycle owners add a custom look to a bike is by using custom handlebars for motorcycles. Your handlebars do more than simply steer -- changing them can give a motorcycle a whole new look. Handlebars are also responsible for supporting part of your weight, and they also serve as a place to mount controls for the brake, throttle, clutch, horn, lights, and mirrors. The types of handlebars used also depend on the type of riding the owner will do -- for instance, for sport or travel. Therefore, it's important to know which kinds of custom handlebars for motorcycles will work with your bike, both in looks and function.
If you're looking to add custom handlebars for motorcycles to your bike, check out some of the more common types of handlebars below:

· For sportier bikes, you have a variety of options when it comes to handlebars. Motocross bars are popular for motocross, off-road bikes, and sport bikes. You can typically find these from Japanese manufacturers such as Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha. Clip-on handlebars are also a good option, as they allow the rider to add two separate, shorter handles to the fork tubes of the bike rather than installing one single handlebar.
· If you own a classic bike or chopper, ape hanger handlebars are a popular choice for many owners. Ape hangers have a higher position that makes the rider sit up in order to reach them. Most commercial heights for ape hangers go up to 24 inches. These are typically not recommended for longer rides, however, as reaching up to hold onto the handlebars can cause numbness in the hands and fingers without the implementation of cruise control or other devices on the bike. 
· Buckhorn handlebars are similar to ape hangers, but shorter and more rounded at the top, so this may be a better alternative for those who like the look of ape hangers but would like something more manageable.
· Other types of handlebars depend on the rider's comfort or riding style. Adjustable handlebars are like clip-ons, and they can not only change the height of the rider's reach, but they can also allow hand angle adjustment for extra comfort. Beach bars and cruiser bars slope toward the back of the bike and allow the rider to sit up straight. Clubman bars are angled forward to allow for a more aggressive riding style, letting the rider lean toward the bike's controls.

If you know what kinds of handlebars you'd like, be sure to contact a custom shop to find out if they can add handlebars for you, or buy motorcycle parts online to do it yourself. Make sure that the parts you get are right for your bike and will give you the riding experience and level of comfort that you desire.