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Avengers Stars Take Spin On New Electric Motorcycles

By none none July 10, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

custom motorcycles partsHarley Davidson is experimenting with new electric motorcycles, and stars of Avengers 2 may be some of the first people to ride them. Witnesses spotted "[Scarlett] Johansson as Black Widow whipping around she chases down bad guys," according to Fansided. "The new motorcycle doesn’t have the same sound as the traditional 'Hog' but instead sounds more like a jet plane preparing to taxi."

How Are Electric Motorcycles Different?
For one thing, new electric models will weigh much less. Electric models weigh just 450 pounds. By comparison, a more traditional bike is easily 700 to 800 pounds. The prototypes are quieter, more efficient, and save riders the expense of gas. The changes aren't all practical ones, however. There is some promising news for daredevils and motorcycle enthusiasts. "This new bike goes [from] zero to 60 in less than 4 seconds!" Fox News reports.

Will Bikers Retire Traditional Hogs?
Are these new bikes poised to change everything? Although the answer to that question is not entirely clear, it is highly unlikely. Custom motorcycles parts and custom motorcycles kits, including Yamaha motorcycle parts and Honda motorcycle parts, are still for sale. Consumers will be able to design bikes to best suit their needs.

Whether bikers choose traditional models, custom models, or new electric varieties, they should keep precaution and safety in mind at all times. Motorcycle sales have spiked within the last 10 years (and continue to steadily climb), according to the Bureau of Transportation. Driving one, however, remains just as dangerous. When riding a motorcycle, chances of a fatal accident are 35 times more likely than if you are driving a regular vehicle. Always wear helmets and protective clothing to save lives and prevent injuries.

Electric motorcycles may be the way the future. Until then, stay safe no matter what kind of bike you are driving (or if you are driving one with custom motorcycles parts) by being mindful of safety and protective gear.

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