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Do You Think Motorcycles Can't Get Cooler? Think Again

By none none August 26, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

motorcycle part storeIt's a love story unlike any other. Just about 50 years ago, an unknown culprit stole Donald DeVault's 1953 Triumph Tiger 100. California authorities recovered the bike and recently returned it to DeVault, now 73. "His first reaction? To hug the man who found the bike. His next move was — naturally — to take the bike for a spin in the parking lot," The Huffington Post writes. What's the moral of the story? People love their bikes, and with a little creativity and dedication, they can make them truly their own.

Are You Riding Something Straight Out Of An Action Movie? (Why Not?)
Do you remember the scene from The Dark Knight? "The Bat-Pod, a two-wheeled vehicle that detaches from the Tumbler and sports an array of weapons, including machine guns and rapid-fire cannons. It might not have the best mileage, but it’s exactly the kind of ride you want when fighting bad guys in lower Gotham City," Timemagazine writes. If you want something similarly flashy, motorcycle part stores and custom motorcycle parts and accessories may be your answer. Similarly, another motorcycle devotee used some cheap motorcycle parts, scooters, and LED tape to create a motorcycle that looks like it was taken straight out of the sci-fi movie Tron.

Part Car, Part Motorcycle, All Speed Bullet
Do you want an enviable car or an enviable motorcycle? One developer proves that you do not necessarily have to choose. The resulting vehicle was completely enclosed, with built-in air conditioning capabilities. (The enclosed vehicle will not be subject to the helmet laws in 19 U.S. states or the partial helmet laws in 28 states.)

Do you want a motorcycle that is truly one of a kind? Browse motorcycle part stores and/or go online for even more affordable aftermarket parts, and use your imagination to create something out of a Hollywood blockbuster or an awe-inspiring hybrid that will leave all of your friends jealous.

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