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Should You Replace Your Motorcycle Parts?

By none none July 1, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

motorcycle parts storeAs of 2012, there were an estimated nine million motorcycles registered in the United States. And while only a small percentage of these vehicles were used for year-round transportation, it is vitally important to practice safe riding habits and make sure your motorcycle parts are in proper working order; doing so can often mean the difference between life and death. So before your next ride, check to make sure you are following some basic motorcycle riding safety tips.

The first thing you can do to ensure that your next motorcycle ride will be safe is to check your bike before your first ride of the season, and then perform additional checks before each ride. Pay special attention to your brakes: a 2013 Consumer Reports survey found that the most common issue riders had with their motorcycles were related to the brakes. However, if any of your motorcycle parts and accessories are found to be deficient, from your motorcycle exhaust parts to your helmet, you must immediately visit a motorcycle parts store or order the necessary equipment from a motorcycle online store. You should not ride your bike until the necessary parts have been received and installed.

The second thing you can do to ride your motorcycle safely is make sure you provide proper care and maintenance for your bike. Visit motorcycle parts stores as necessary, whether in person or online, and replace damaged equipment in a timely manner. Consider investing in aftermarket parts, which often allow motorcycles to become more durable, in addition to increasing the speed and value of the bike. Additionally, you should make sure to store your motorcycle in a garage or other secure area: this will not only prevent weather damage, but will help prevent theft. An estimated 80% of stolen motorcycles are taken directly from the owner's home.

The third and final basic step you can take to ensure your safety while riding your motorcycle is to make sure you make smart decisions while on the road. This applies to both riding choices and your choice of motorcycle accessories, such as riding wear and helmets. In regards to the former, take precautions to make sure you have plenty of space on the road, give other drivers and riders clear signals on the road, and avoid tailgating to decrease your chances of an accident. But in regards to the latter, make sure you have a proper helmet and protective clothing to protect you from potential accidents and the elements. At least 28 states in the U.S. have partial helmet laws for motorcycle riders, and the Department of Transportation recommends that all motorcycle riders use a DOT certified helmet while riding.

While protective clothing is less commonly discussed, it is also an important component of staying safe on the road: often made from leather and other durable materials, protective clothing keeps skin from coming into contact with heated parts of the bike and reduces the risk of road rash and serious injury during falls. Both helmets and protective gear can often be found at motorcycle parts stores, as well as at specific motorcycle accessories stores and online.

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