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These Kindhearted Bikers Will Make You Cry

By none none August 1, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

motorcycle accessories storeBikers get a pretty bad reputation. Up until recently, Americans have associated bikers with chains, leather, and tattoos for years. Some even believe that nearly all motorcyclists are a part of violent biker gangs. That is a far cry from the truth. More often than not, bikers are completely normal people -- and some will even shock you with the extent of their kindhearted gestures.

Why Did Bikers Visit An 11 Year Old Boy With Cancer?
Gage Driskell, 11, continues his battle against cancer. According to his father, the young boy has several tumors in his brain and along his spine. What does this have to do with bikers and motorcycles? "Gage's birthday wish was to go on a motorcycle ride. Little did he know, dozens of bikers would show up to support him, and make his dream come true," KVTB reports. Not one but dozens of bikers rode up to Gage, signed a leather biker vest for him, and ultimately gave him a ride to Pojo's, a family fun center, to continue celebrating his birthday.

Should Bikers Watch Their Own Backs First?
As well-meaning as these bikers undoubtedly were, motorcycle accessories stores and motorcycle parts distributors warn that motorcyclists, before thinking about anything or anyone else, should think about their safety first. Remember, 19 states require helmets on motorcycles at all times, and another 28 states have partial helmet laws. Protective equipment, like helmets, can significantly reduce the likelihood of serious injury, road rash, and even death.

Motorcycle riding safety tips -- or motorcycle safety tips for drivers -- are no joke. Motorcycle accessories stores recommend putting safety first and always wearing proper protective equipment.

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