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1 VM26/46 Mikuni Cable Adjuster Rubber Cap
2 M21/14 Mikuni VM Series Cable Adjuster - 6mm
3 B30/247 Mikuni Cable Adjuster Locknut
4 VM34/27 Mikuni Carburetor Top Cover Cap VM30-VM34 Spigot Type
5 VM34/29 Mikuni Carburetor Top Cover Gasket - Packing
6 VM34/55 Mikuni Throttle Valve Return Spring - VM32-VM36 Standard Resistance
7 VM34/31 Mikuni VM33-VM34 Needle Retaining Spring Seat
8 VM20/369 Mikuni Jet Needle Positioning E-Ring Clip
10 VM32/65 Mikuni VM32/65 Slides - Right Side Idle Adjust
11 VM34/159 Mikuni 159 Series Needle Jets
12 VM20/455 Mikuni Choke Rubber Cap
13 VM20/456 Mikuni VM30-VM44 Starter Plunger Fitting Cap
14 VM28/124 Mikuni VM30-VM34 Choke Lever Assembly
15 VM32/17 Mikuni Choke Plunger Spring Plate
16 VM16/42 Mikuni Choke Plunger Spring
17 VM18/144 Mikuni Starter, Choke Plunger Fitting - VM26-44 Flange Type
19 VM30/103 Mikuni Float Bowl Gasket - VM26-VM34 Flange Type
20 VM34/72 Mikuni VM30-34 Float Bowl Baffle Plate

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21 VM22/210 Mikuni VM22/210 Pilot Jets
22 VM30/160 Mikuni Float Arm Hinge Pin - With Head
23 VM34/73 Mikuni VM30-VM34 Float Arm
24 VM34/61 Mikuni Plastic Float - VM30-34 Spigot w/Baffle Plate
26 4/053 Mikuni Float Bowl Plug Washer - VM30-VM38
27 VM34/42 Mikuni Brass Float Bowl Drain Plug VM30-VM34
28 BS30/97 Mikuni BS30/97 Air Jets
29 VM20/214 Mikuni Air Adjustment Scew
31 M20/11 Mikuni Idle Adjuster Screw Spring
32 VM24/224 Mikuni Idle Adjuster Screw
33 B34/52-0.8 Needle Valve Seat Washer - 0.8
34 VM34/39 Mikuni VM34/39 - Metal Tip Needle & Seat Assembly
35 VM36/17 Mikuni VM30-38 Spigot Main Jet Ring
36 VM4/042 Mikuni VM4/042 Large Hex Main Jets
37 VM28/79 Vent Line Retaining Plate
38 CW2-0518 Mikuni Float Bowl Screw (5x18mm)


VM32-193 Parts List

Our Mikuni parts finder may assist you in finding the replacement parts you need.  The list of parts shown is specific to the carburetor listed, and should not be assumed to fit similar models, especially older carburetors, and Mikuni carburetors that came as an OE part.  Any product listed that is available in different sizes will allow a selection to be made on parent item page.  If you are unsure of your selection, please contact us for assistance.

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